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Graz – Cool and not just because Arnold is from there

Austria isn’t exactly off the beaten path and Graz is one of the most beautiful parts of that well travelled land. Yes, it’s cool because this is where Arnold Schwarzenegger was born but that’s just the cheesy, outer shell. Just a step off that path, into the side of a mountain, there is a large tunnel with dark side-rooms and foreboding bars closing them off. The tunnel is a WWII refuge that served as a Nazi storage place as well as a hiding place for the Austrians when they were finally getting some payback for believing they could jack with the rest of the world. Pretty impressive reminder of what the war was like, swastikas and all.

Barbuda. If it looks like a pristine, deserted, perfect island beach…..

So, this is the kind of place that makes me think “Crap, I either need to start making some money or just accept being a loser in a shack but living in a pretty sweet place.” I hope it’s the first one. Gotta see Barbuda.

If You Need a Reason to Go….Learn Scuba!

Did you know that Colorado has the highest number of certified divers of all the landlocked states? Do you think they’re using those certifications in mountain lakes? Uh, no, not really. Why then does Colorado have all those divers? Because those people get up and go! If they’re not in the mountains skiing, climbing, hunting snowshoeing or whatever million other things mountain people do, they’re busting off to the warm places for a nice dive. Not far from Mexico, eh? Or any other warm place? Grab a PADI certification and then do whatever you can to make it work for you!