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Off The Beaten Path or ON the Beaten Path.

Just thinking maybe we should be avoiding Egypt these days. Do I really want my tourist money to support a government that arrests Christians for being beaten up by a religious mob? This isn’t a one time incident in this place and the attacks have been increasing They love to beat up the Christians in Egypt. Maybe I’ll take a trip to Israel instead. If you want to read about it, you can find it here.

Found an El Cheapo phone plan that works well.

Always on the hunt for a cheaper phone card. These days I am with these guys because the price is right and it has been pretty easy adobe acrobat x pro full. My wife can also speak for hours with her Mom in the old country which keeps things quiet on the home front. An all around plus so I posted it for all the other cheap, Scottish types.  

Pingo one dollar promo

The Drava River..It’s in Slovenia so it’s got to be Old-World and cool!

The River Drava comes down out of the Austrian Alps and things just get better after that. Winding through Slovenia, it picks up that Old World feeling and shows off some pretty sweet towns like Maribor. Yes, you can raft down, camping along the bank or staying in hotels adobe cs6 master collection full adobe cs6 master collection full. Or you can take tours full of wine and local songs. Either way, it’s off the beaten path but well worth the side trip.