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Johannesburg, Africa – Land of the Electric Fence

On my last trip to Johannesburg, there is one thing i noticed EVERYWHERE! Every shop, every building, every home had an electric fence around it and it’s not to keep wild animals out. Well, at least not the furry kind of wild animals. The word when I arrived: “If somebody wants your stuff, give it to them because they are probably high and definitely willing to kill you.” Hmmm, I see

“Is this place really that jacked up?” I thought to myself but after seeing the car guards in the parking lots, the fences everywhere, the stories of car-jacking, people getting their house broken into, the answer is yes, it is that jacked up! This is another one of those cases where off the beaten path might be on the beaten path. Be wise, stay with your group or somebody who knows their way around. Go out and do a safari where there are only lions and rhinos and such.