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Kinda Dorky But Convenient

This thing isn’t really my style but eliminating hassle is. Basically it’s a vest where you can hold your tickets, passport, snacks, everything you would be searching for when going through an airport. Just keep it in one of the tons of pockets in this vest. The coolest part is just throwing it on the x-ray conveyer and just walking through. If this is your kind of deal, here is a good place to get one.

Paying to LEAVE a country; be ready for it.

Just one little quick tip today when traveling to an off-the-beaten-path country. Sometimes you have to pay to LEAVE! The scenario is like this: You have had a wonderful time, saw the sights, bought some souvenirs, spent your last bit of money on a trinket or two. You went through the airline ticket line and customs as well and now your are headed toward your gate…. or so you think. Ah, look, one more line! What’s this for? It’s an “airport tax” to leave the country! I know that in the Philippines, it’s somewhere around 25 USD but must be paid in pesos. What does one do if he or she doesn’t have it? I have no idea. Fortunately we were tipped off and had saved the money for each person in our group of 15 people. Yes, that’s right, a cool 375 extra US dollars for our group to leave the country. OUCH!!

Moscow Airport Security – Nicer…..Yet Not.

Yes, the Moscow airport, Sheremyetovo 2, is trying to put on a little bit of a better image as you enter and
He lives in their hearts
He lives in their hearts

exit through passport control. They have a saying over there, though: “After all the upgrades and changes, things are finally the same as they ever were.”

Intimidating stares, rude questioning, long lines are still the name of the game, don’t think that is going away.
There is a new transfer system, however. When transfering between airports to get to your in-country distinations, you are now supposed to take a shuttle bus to make it easier to bypass all the rude taxi drivers and such. You can also do your passport control while getting to this transfer bus. The catch is that while transfering by shuttle you must first find out where it is. Since there are no signs in English or Russian, this can be difficult as you go through the rat’s warren of hallways to get there. Next, just because you have tickets for your next flight doesn’t mean they have a record of them in THEIR computer or that they will be able to find your reservation. This means that the process will hold you at least long enough to miss your flight before they turn you back to go the same old taxi route. Ahh, Russian improvements…….new hoops to jump through….. for your convenience.