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Plain of Jars – Awesome to see…and a little hairy.

The Plain of Jars is one of those trippy places that make you feel that history is not even close to what our teachers said it was like. It was way cooler. Why, for example, would a culture in Laos build hundreds of huge jars out of stone and then just leave them lying around the countryside? These things are gigantic and took a lot of work. What were they for? How did they make them?

One thing to note before you go busting out there is that during the Vietnam war, a lot of cluster bombs were dropped in this area so a lot of unexploded ordinance remains in the area. Definitely off the beaten path and you will need a licensed guide. For more information, this site seems to have some great insights on the place.

Renting a yacht…on the cheap….Philippine style

One of the best parts about the Philippines is going between islands; cruising along the shallow ocean between them. For a mere $50-$100 you can rent one of these ferry boats for the whole day and just travel to your heart’s content. We had a large group of about 20 people making this a very cheap yet extremely fun activity. My favorite part is just parking out in the ocean, snorkeling, diving and kicking back.