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The Secret to eating weird food

Eating nasty food is well…. nasty. I’ve known some who will pretend that something is tasty and eat it for the local experience but I don’t have that kind of stomach nor that ability to lie to myself. Some food is just stinking gross and that’s the way it is.

I will try things before I write them off, though, and some things really are an acquired taste. In answer to the question in your head, yes, there are times when we just need to suck it up and eat so as not to offend. As an example, I offer the following: red caviar that looks like it should be on the end of a fishing hook. This is served “tastily” on a slab of butter and a slice of white bread. Basically the bread and butter just prolong the suffering of the fish eggs.

Oh no.

Oh no.

THE SECRET: bite – swallow – say “thanks”. Don’t chew, just get it down as quickly as possible or your taste buds might have something to say about it. Let your host know how much you appreciate it but don’t be too enthusiastic or you might have to eat more.