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THE AMAZING SIM CARD – and being “local” everywhere

Imagine this: I’m in the Philippines, making calls on my local cell phone. A little bit later, I’m in Cairo doing the same thing. After that I’m in Russia and on it goes. It’s always the same phone and I’m always local. How does this happen? By understanding how phones work overseas.

It’s not about hooking up with phone services and getting the right calling plan. It’s merely a matter of going into a kiosk or booth, buying a SIM card stocked with minutes and putting it in your phone. Violla! You’re local. In the Philippines I bought a SIM chip for $10 and was calling and texting home to my heart’s content. Everyone at home could find me whenever they liked so it was good all around.

The catch: First, you have to have a GSM enabled phone (quad band). In America many are already like that so no big deal. I bought an ATT Tilt that gets me anywhere and opens up easily to change the SIM card. Second, you have to get the code to unlock your phone. This means talking your carrier into letting you get off their system while out of the country. My phone is with a business so they were happy to accommodate. Just so you know, it can be difficult sometimes if you have an I-phone or something else you got on a deal with a 2 year contract.

Perfect for calming down the parents who are worried about getting a hold of you.