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If I were in the Antartica…or a warzone… or backcountry…. or

Did you know that you can rent a satellite phone? For about 40 bucks and a dollar sixty a minute you can shout out a HEEELLLP! Or someone can let you now that you need to come home NOW! Regardless, it would be pretty cool to have if it all hit the fan.

Travel insurance and travel health insurance, is there a difference?

In short, OH YEAH! One looks out for your luggage and investment in a trip, the other looks out for you. Imagine this: A beautiful evening on the coast in India, a wonderful meal, all the makings of the beginning of appendicitis. Hours later the pain begins as an infection grows and you begin wondering what is happening in your side. I’ll stop there. Let’s just suffice it to say that you will probably want to be in a hospital where they don’t see death as just another step on the wheel of reincarnation. I’m talking about wonders of medevac to a good hospital and overseas medical insurance. These guys here are one of the best at this.

Why do we dream of Winter sports in the Summer?

It can't be that cold can it?
Colorado Huts

 I guess in the summer we think “It can’t be that cold can it? Looks pretty nice!” Actually they are pretty nice. One more thing to make Colorado rank high on awesomeness is a string of back country huts for skiers, snowshoers and backpackers. The idea is you have to go into the backwoods, sometimes in avalanche country, sometimes in less adventurous routes, always requiring quite a bit of effort. The reward? A wood-stove-heated hut, a beautiful view and a comfortable bed in the middle of the wilderness. Awesome idea! for more info, check it out here.